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245 00 Critical race theory :|bthe key writings that formed the 
       movement /|cedited by Kimberlé Crenshaw ... [et al.] 
260    New York :|bNew Press,|cc1995 
300    xxxii, 494 p. ;|c26 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 00 |tServing two masters : integration ideals and client 
       interests in school desegregation litigation /|rDerrick A.
       Bell, Jr. --|tBrown v. Board of Education and the interest
       convergence dilemma /|rDerrick A. Bell, Jr. --
       |tLegitimizing racial discrimination through 
       antidiscrimination law : a critical review of Supreme 
       Court doctrine /|rAlan David Freeman --|tThe imperial 
       scholar : reflections on a review of civil rights 
       literature /|rRichard Delgado --|tLooking to the bottom : 
       critical legal studies and reparations /|rMari Matsuda --
       |tThe clouded prism : minority critique of the critical 
       legal studies movement /|rHarlon L. Dalton --|tBeyond 
       critical legal studies : the reconstructive theology of 
       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. /|rAnthony E. Cook --|tRace, 
       reform, and retrenchment : transformation and legitimation
       in antidiscrimination law /|rKimberle Williams Crenshaw --
       |tRace-consciousness /|rGary Peller --|tA cultural 
       pluralist case for affirmative action in legal academia /
       |rDuncan Kennedy --|tTranslating "Yonnondio" by precedent 
       and evidence : the Mashpee Indian case /|rGerald Torres 
       and Kathryn Milun --|tMetro Broadcasting, Inc. v. FCC : 
       regrouping in singular times /|rPatricia J. Williams --
       |tGroups, representation, and race-conscious districting :
       a case of the emperor's clothes /|rLani Guinier --|tThe id,
       the ego, and equal protection : reckoning with unconscious
       racism /|rCharles R. Lawrence, III --|tA critique of "Our 
       Constitution is color-blind" /|rNeil Gotanda --|tWhiteness
       as property /|rCheryl I. Harris --|tRace in the twenty-
       first century : equality through law? /|rLinda Greene --
       |tRacial realism /|rDerrick A. Bell, Jr. --|tCritical race
       theory, Archie Shepp, and fire music : securing an 
       authentic intellectual life in a multicultural world /
       |rJohn O. Calmore --|tTwo life stories : reflections of 
       one Black woman law professor /|rTaunya Lovell Banks --
       |tThe word and the river : pedagogy as scholarship as 
       struggle /|rCharles R. Lawrence, III --|tMapping the 
       margins : intersectionality, identity politics, and 
       violence against women of color /|rKimberle Williams 
       Crenshaw --|tPunishing drug addicts who have babies : 
       women of color, equality, and the right of privacy /
       |rDorothy E. Roberts --|tSapphire bound! /|rRegina Austin 
       --|tNavigating the topology of race /|rJayne Chong-Soon 
       Lee --|tThe boundaries of race : political geography in 
       legal analysis /|rRichard Thompson Ford --|tRouge et Noir 
       reread : a popular constitutional history of the Angelo 
       Herndon case /|rKendall Thomas 
650  0 Race discrimination|xLaw and legislation|zUnited States 
700 1  Crenshaw, Kimberlé 
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