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100 1  Cahn, Andreas. 
245 10 Comparative company law :|btext and cases on the laws 
       governing corporations in Germany, the UK and the USA /
       |cAndreas Cahn and David C. Donald. 
260    Cambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,
300    xxviii, 927 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 877-893) and 
505 8  Machine generated contents note: Part I. The Essential 
       Qualities of the Corporation: 1. Approaching comparative 
       company law; 2. The partnership as a form of business 
       organization; 3. Corporations in a global market: the law 
       applicable to corporations; Part II. The Corporation and 
       its Capital: 4. Incorporating the company; 5. Constituting
       the company's share capital; 6. Increasing the company's 
       capital; 7. Distribution of dividends and maintenance of 
       share capital; 8. Repurchases of shares; 9. The nature of 
       shares and classes of shares; Part III. Governing the 
       Corporation: Subpart A. The Management: 10. An 
       introduction to the Board and its governance; 11. 
       Directors' power to represent company; 12. Directors' 
       duties of loyalty, good faith and care; 13. Judicial 
       review of management decisions (The Business Judgment 
       Rule); 14. Executive compensation; 15. Directors' duties 
       in listed companies; Subpart B. The Members: 16. 
       Shareholder voting rights; 17. Shareholder information 
       rights; 18. Shareholder meetings; 19. Shareholder duties; 
       20. Judicial enforcement of shareholder rights; Part IV. 
       Corporate Combinations, Groups, and Takeovers: Subpart A. 
       Mergers and Acquisitions: 21. Techniques for business 
       combinations; 22. Governance rules for business 
       combinations; Subpart B. Companies in Groups: 23. 
       Corporate groups; Subpart C. The Market for Corporate 
       Control: 24. The regulation of takeover bids and prices; 
       25. Management interference with takeover bids; 26. 
       Special problems of leveraged buyouts. 
520    "It can be difficult for students of comparative company 
       law both to understand the internationally relative nature
       of a legal system and grasp it in practical detail. This 
       book is designed to address that problem. Each chapter 
       begins with a discursive analysis of the laws in Germany, 
       the UK and the USA, framed by a comparative presentation. 
       Chapters also contain edited judicial decisions from at 
       least two of the jurisdictions, which allow readers to 
       perform their own comparisons in more detail and leave 
       room for original analysis and discussion"--|cProvided by 
650  0 Corporation law|zGreat Britain. 
650  0 Corporation law|zUnited States. 
650  0 Corporation law|zGermany. 
700 1  Donald, David C.,|d1958- 
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