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340.1-FI LE : Finch, Emily,     
      Legal skills / Emily Finch, Stefan Fafinski. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
340.1-FI NA : Finnis, John.     
      Natural law and natural rights / John Finnis. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
340.1-FO SO : Davis, F. James     
      Society and the law ; new meanings for an old profession / by F. James Davis [and others. main:Available   Lang Matl 1962
340.1-FR FI : Pollock, Frederick,     
      A first book of jurisprudence for students of the common law / by Sir Frederick Pollock. main:Available   Lang Matl 1970
340.1-FR LA : Friedmann, Wolfgang,     
      Law and social change in contemporary Britain / With a foreward by Sir Alfred Denning. main:Available   Lang Matl 1951
340.1-FR LE    
      The legal structure [by] M. D. A. Freeman. main:Available   Lang Matl 1974
      Legal theory / by W. Friedmann. main:Available   Lang Matl 1967
340.1-FR LL : Freeman, Michael D. A.     
      Lloyd's introduction to jurisprudence. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
340.1-FU MO : Fuller, Lon L.     
      The morality of law / by Lon L. Fuller. main:Available   Lang Matl 1977
340.1-GA LE : Garner, Bryan A.,     
      Legal writing in plain English : a text with exercises / Bryan A. Garner. main:Available   Lang Matl 2013
340.1-GA RE : Garner, Bryan A.     
      The redbook : a manual on legal style / Bryan A. Garner with Jeff Newman, Tiger Jackson. main:Available   Lang Matl 2006
340.1-GA TH      
      Thatcher's law / edited by Andrew Gamble and Celia Wells. main:Available   Lang Matl 1989
340.1-GL LE : Glenn, H. Patrick.     
      Legal traditions of the world : sustainable diversity in law / H. Patrick Glenn. main:Available   Lang Matl 2014
340.1-HA AN : Harris, Phil,     
      An introduction to law / Phil Harris. main:Available   Lang Matl 1988
340.1-HA CO : Hart, H. L. A.     
      The concept of law. main:Available   Lang Matl 1961
340.1-HA IN : Hames, Joanne Banker,     
      Introduction to law / Joanne Banker Hames, Deanza Community College; Yvonne Ekern, Santa Clara University, School of Law. main:Available   Lang Matl 2019
340.1-HA LA : Neville Harris     
      Law and regulation: regulation, consumerism and the education system main:Available   Lang Matl 1993
340.1-HA OU : Hattiangadi, Anandi.     
      Oughts and thoughts : rule-following and the normativity of content / [Anandi Hattiangadi]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
340.1-HA PR : Austin, John,     
      The province of jurisprudence determined / by John Austin. main:Available   Lang Matl 1999
340.1-HE GR : Head, John W.     
      Great legal traditions : civil law, common law, and Chinese law in historical and operational perspective / John W. Head. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
340.1-HO FU : Hohfeld, Wesley Newcomb,     
      Fundamental legal conceptions as applied in judicial reasoning / by Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld ; edited by Walter Wheeler Cook ; with a new foreword by Arthur L. Corbin. main:Available   Lang Matl 1978
340.1 IN DU : Beth Walston - Dunham     
      Introduction to Law main:Available, main:DUE 09-19-22   --- 2012
340.1-IN EX : International Congress of Jurists     
      Executive action and the rule of law : a report on the proceedings of the International Congress of Jurists, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 11-15, 1962. main:Available   Lang Matl 1962
340.1-JA EN : Jackson, R. M.     
      Enforcing the law, [by] R. M. Jackson. main:Available   Lang Matl 1972
340.1-JO CO : Jovanović, Miodrag A.     
      Collective rights : a legal theory / Miodrag A. Jovanović. main:Available   Lang Matl 2012
340.1-JO DI      
      The Division and classification of the law; papers submitted to the joint seminar of the Society of Public Teachers of Law and the Law Commissions of England and Scotland, Birmingham, July, 1969. Edited by J. A. Jolowicz. main:Available   Lang Matl 1970
340.1-KE EM : Bos, Kees van den,     
      Empirical legal research : a primer / Kees van den Bos (School of Law and Department of Psychology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands). main:Available   Lang Matl 2020
340.1-KE LE : Kempson, Elaine.     
      Legal advice and assistance / Elaine Kempson. main:Available   Lang Matl 1989
340.1-KI EN : Kiralfy, A. K. R.     
      The English legal system / by A.K.R. Kiralfy. main:Available   Lang Matl 1960
340.1-KO TO : Koskenniemi, Martti,     
      To the uttermost parts of the earth : legal imagination and international power, 1300-1870 / Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
340.1-KR EM : Kritzer, Herbert M.,     
      Advanced introduction to empirical legal research / Herbert M. Kritzer, Marvin J. Sonosky chair of law and public policy, University of Minnesota Law School, USA. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
340.1-KR IN : Day, Jeremy.     
      Introduction to international legal English : a course for classroom or self-study use. Teacher's book / Jeremy Day ; with Amy Krois-Lindner, Matt Firth, and TransLegal. main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
340.1-LA SC : Schubert, Frank A.,     
      Introduction to law and the legal system / Frank August Schubert, Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University. main:Available   Lang Matl 2015
340.1-LA ST : Lapenna, Ivo.     
      State and law : Soviet and Yugoslav theory. main:Available   Lang Matl 1964
340.1-LI ID : Lloyd of Hampstead, Dennis Lloyd,     
      The idea of law. main:Available   Lang Matl 1964
340.1-LL JU : Llewellyn, Karl N.     
      Jurisprudence : realism in theory and practice / Karl N. Llewellyn. main:Available   Lang Matl 1962
340.1-MA CR : Mansell, Wade.     
      A critical introduction to law / Wade Mansell, Belinda Meteyard, Alan Thomson. main:Available   Lang Matl 2004
340.1-MA IE : Maitland, Frederic William,     
      Equity : a course of lectures / by F.W. Maitland ; edited by A. H. Chaytor & W. J. Whittaker ; revised by John Brunyate. main:Available   Lang Matl 1936
340.1-MC LE : McLeod, T. I.     
      Legal method / Ian McLeod. main:Available   Lang Matl 1999
340.1-Mo AN : Mostafa El-Morshedy     
      An approach to legal English main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
340.1-MO CO : Monateri, P. G.,     
      Advanced introduction to comparative legal methods / Pier Giuseppe Monateri. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
340.1-NI AF : international commission of jurists     
      african conference on the rule of law main:Available   Lang Matl 1961
340.1-ON LE : Carol O'neill     
      legal research main:DUE 03-08-23   --- 2021
340.1-PA CO      
      A companion to philosophy of law and legal theory / edited by Dennis Patterson. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
340.1-PA LA : Pashukanis, Evgeniĭ Bronislavovich,     
      Law and Marxism : a general theory / Evgeny B. Pashukanis ; translated by Barbara Einhorn ; edited and introd. by Chris Arthur. main:Available   Lang Matl 1978
340.1-PE LA      
      The law book / [contributors, Peter Chrisp, Consultant editor ... Claire Cock-Starkey, Frederick Cowell, Thomas Cussans, John Farndon, Philip Parker, Marcus Weeks]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2020
340.1-PO IN : Pound, Roscoe,     
      An introduction to the philosophy of law. main:Available   Lang Matl 1954
340.1-PO PL      
      Plastic materialities : politics, legality, and metamorphosis in the work of Catherine Malabou / Brenna Bhandar and Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller, editors. main:Available   Lang Matl 2015
340.1-RE MA : David, René,     
      Major legal systems in the world today : an introduction to the comparative study of law / René David, John E.C. Brierley. main:Available   Lang Matl 1985
340.1-RI CO : Jorg Risse     
      The complete guide to the Willem C. Vis International commercial arbitration moot main:Available   --- 2021
340.1-RI IN : Lempert, Richard O.     
      An invitation to law and social science : desert, disputes, and distribution / Richard Lempert and Joseph Sanders. main:Available   Lang Matl 1986
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