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340.973 فر ام : تريه، فرانسوا،     
      أمركة القانون / فرنسوا تريه ؛ تعريب محمد وطفة. main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
340.980-BE EV      
      Everyday law for latino/as / Steven W. Bender ... [et al.]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
340.980-DE LA : Delgado, Richard.     
      Latinos and the law : cases and materials / by Richard Delgado, Jaun F. Perea, Jean Stefancic. main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
340.AB IN : Mohamed S. Abd el-sadek     
      Introduction to the study of law main:Available   --- 2006
341-.14-WA CO : Walklate, Sandra.     
      Contradictions of terrorism : security, risk and resilience / Sandra Walklate and Gabe Mythen. main:Available   Lang Matl 2014
341,41 غس عل : كاطع، غسان صبري     
      العلاقة بين قضاء المحكمة الجنائية الدولية والقضاء الجنائي الوطني في ضوء نظام روما الأساسي b / غسان صبري كاطع. main:Available   Lang Matl 2017
341-53234 IS AL : Alexander, Larry,     
      Is there a right of freedom of expression? / Larry Alexander. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
341-53234 ME HU : Julie A. Mertus     
      Human Rights Conflict main:Claims Retd   --- 2006
341-53234 ME OS : Oster, Jan,     
      Media freedom as a fundamental right / Jan Oster, Leiden University. main:Available   Lang Matl 2015
341-5324 IN ED : Edmundson, William A.     
      An introduction to rights / William A. Edmundson. main:Available   Lang Matl 2012
341,536 مع قا : معمر رتيب محمد عبدالحافظ     
      القانون الدولي للبيئة وظاهرة التلوث main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
341-6 AZ IN : Mai Ghanim Al-Azemi     
      The International Individual Criminal Responsibility in the case of Myanmar main:Available   --- 2021
341-AB IN : Abass, Ademola.     
      International law : text, cases, and materials / Ademola Abass, LLM (Cantab), PhD (Nottingham), Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, Adjunct Professor of International Law, University of Leuven, Belgium. main:Available, main:Claims Retd   Lang Matl 2014
341-AD IN : Abass, Ademola.     
      International law : text, cases, and materials / Ademola Abass. main:Available   Lang Matl 2012
341-AK MO : Akehurst, Michael Barton.     
      A modern introduction to international law / Michael Akehurst. main:Available   Lang Matl 1984
341-AL BA : Khaled Hamdan Mufarraj Alshammari     
      Banlancing diplomatic immunity and the rule of law during law enforcement operations main:Available   --- 2022
341-AL CO : Amani Jadaan Alotaibi     
      The concept of 'injury' in responsibilility of states for internationality of states for internationally wrongful acts and the arab world main:Available   --- 2016
341-AL LE : Aalia Abdulmohsen Aladwani     
      The legal relationship between NATO and the GCC with a particular focus on Kuwait main:Available   --- 2019
341-AN HA : Aust, Anthony.     
      Handbook of international law / Anthony Aust. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
341-AN WI : ٍSundus Mohammad AL-Ansari     
      Withdrawal From International Organizations: The Case Of Brexil main:Available   --- 2022
341-AP AF : D'Aspremont, Jean,     
      After meaning : the sovereignty of forms in international law / Jean d'Aspremont. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
341-AR IN : Arend, Anthony C.     
      International law and the use of force : beyond the UN Charter paradigm / Anthony Clark Arend and Robert J. Beck. main:Available   Lang Matl 1993
341-AT CO : Michel Attal, Julie Bauchy     
      Code de droit international prive francais 2017-2018 main:Available   --- 2017
341-BA CO : Baslar, Kemal.     
      The concept of the common heritage of mankind in international law / Kemal Baslar. main:Available   Lang Matl 1998
341-BA TR : Bastid, Suzanne.     
      Les traités dans la vie internationale : conclusion et effets / Suzanne Bastid. main:Available   Lang Matl 1985
341-BE DR : Bennouna, Mohamed.     
      Droit international du développement : Tiers monde et interpellation du droit international / Mohamed Bennouna. main:Available   Lang Matl 1983
341-BE NO : Mario Bettati     
      Le nouvel ordre economique international main:Available   --- 1983
341-BI RU : Tom Bingham     
      The rule of law main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
341-BO EM : Bonner, David.     
      Emergency powers in peacetime / by David Bonner. main:Available   Lang Matl 1985
341-BO IN : Born, Gary,     
      International arbitration : law and practice / Gary B. Born. main:DUE 07-26-23   Lang Matl 2021
341-BR BA      
      Basic documents in international law / edited by Ian Brownlie. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
341-BU PR : Fatma mohammad Al Busairi     
      The principle of reciprocity in international law: a case study of " the role of the principle of reciprocity in matters of the extradition of criminals" main:Available   --- 2021
341-CA IN : Carter and weiner's     
      International law main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
341-CH FI : Chen, Chen-Ju.     
      Fisheries subsidies under international law / Chen-Ju Chen. main:DUE 06-27-23   Lang Matl 2010
341-CO CR : Société française pour le droit international.     
      La crise de l'énergie et le droit international / Société française pour le droit international, [9e] Colloque de Caen, [29, 30 et 31 mai 1975]. main:Available   Lang Matl 1976
341-CO DR : Colard, Daniel.     
      Droit des relations internationales : documents fondamentaux / par Daniel Colard. main:Available   Lang Matl 1983
341-CR PU : Verones, Cristina.     
      The public international law study guide for students : exercises and answers / Cristina Verones and Sébastien Rosselet. main:Available   Lang Matl 2013
341-CR ST : Crawford, James,     
      State responsibility : the general part / James Crawford. main:Claims Retd   Lang Matl 2013
341-DA BA      
      Basic documents supplement to International law, cases and materials / by Lori Fisler Damrosch [and others]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2001
341-DI CA : Dixon, Martin     
      Cases and materials on international law / Martin Dixon, Robert McCorquodale, Sarah Williams. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
341-DR AL : Mohiedin Alamedin     
      Drafting of international contracts main:Available   --- 1999
341-DU IN : Dunoff, Jeffrey L.,     
      International law : norms, actors, process : a problem-oriented approach / Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Steven R. Ratner, David Wippman. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
341-EV IN    
      International law / [edited by] Malcolm D. Evans. main:Available   Lang Matl 2006
      International law / edited by Malcolm D. Evans. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
341-FA BR : Fawcett, J. E. S.     
      The British Commonwealth in international law. main:Available   Lang Matl 1963
341-FL DR : Flory, Maurice.     
      Droit international du développement / Maurice Flory. main:Available   Lang Matl 1977
341-GA AD : Gabrielle Ganz     
      Administrative procedures main:Available   --- 1974
341-GA NE : Gardam, Judith Gail.     
      Necessity, proportionality, and the use of force by states / Judith Gardam. main:Available   Lang Matl 2004
341-GH DR : Ghevontian, Richard.     
      Droit des relations internationales / Richard Ghevontian. main:Available   Lang Matl 2000
341-GI LA : Von Glahn, Gerhard,     
      Law among nations : an introduction to public international law / Gerhard von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
341-GO PR : Goodhart, Arthur L.     
      Precedent in English and continental law; an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford, by A. L. Goodhart. main:Available   Lang Matl 1934
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