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341.5362 PR KU : kuwait regional convention for co-operation on the protection of the marine environment from pollution     
      protocol concerning regional co-operation in Cambating pollution by oil and other Harmful substances in Cases of Emergency main:Available   --- 1993
341.5362-PR MA : Prescott, J. R. V.     
      The maritime political boundaries of the world / J.R.V. Prescott. main:DUE 12-05-23   Lang Matl 1986
341.5362- PR RE    
      Protocol for the protection of the Marine Environment against pollution from Land-Based sources main:Available   --- 1990
      protocol on the control of Marine transboundary movements and disposal of hazardous wastes and other wastes main:Available   --- 1998
341.5362-SA PR : Sands, Philippe,     
      Principles of international environmental law / Philippe Sands and Jacqueline Peel with [contributing authors] Adriana Fabra Aguilar and Ruth MacKenzie. main:Available   Lang Matl 2012
341.5362-ST SH : Stone, Christopher D.     
      Should trees have standing? : law, morality, and the environment / Christopher D. Stone. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
341.53624-OL EN : Olawuyi, Damilola S.     
      Environmental law in Arab states / Damilola S. Olawuyi. main:DUE 02-21-24   Lang Matl 2022
341.5364-AW LE : Badria A. Al-Awadhi     
      Legal aspects of maritime pollution with particular reference to the Arabian (persian) gulf main:Available   --- 1985
341.57-AB AR : Aḥdab, ʻAbd al-Ḥamīd.     
      Arbitration with the Arab countries / Abdul Hamid El-Ahdab, Jalal El-Ahdab ; prepared with the assistance of Ms Rita M. Bou Aoun. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
341.57-AJ AR : Dhuha Abdullah Al Ajeel     
      Arbitration in stock market disputes analytical comparative study with the Kuwaiti and UAE law main:Available   --- 2020
341.57-AL LE : Abdulrahman Alruwaished     
      Legal prospective of issuing the electronic bill of lading under Kuwaiti law: a comparative study between the Hague Rules and Rotterdam Rules main:Available   --- 2020
341.57-AL ME : Afnan Ahmed Alsharida     
      Mediation as an alternative way to resolve civil disputes- a comparative study main:Available   --- 2023
341.57-AL NO : shaikha Mubarak Aljalawi     
      Non-conformity of goods : A comparative study in CISG and Kuwaiti law main:Available   --- 2017
341.57-AL-SC : Youssef Al Ali     
      Scope of the Arbitrator's role under the online arbitration agreement, a study in Kuwaiti law and the international commercial arbitration rules main:Available   --- 2018
341.57-AL SE : Fatemah Fattah Al-Mohammad     
      Sea collision and applicable law: a comparative study in light of international agreements main:Available   --- 2021
341.57-BA UN : Dworkin, Ronald.     
      Law's empire / Ronald Dworkin. main:Available   Lang Matl 1986
341.57-BO IN    
      International arbitration : law and practice / Gary B. Born. main:Available   Lang Matl 2016
      International commercial arbitration / Gary B. Born. main:Available   Lang Matl 2014
341.57-CO RE      
      Revue de l'arbitrage. main:Available   Lang Matl 1955
341.57-CO ST : Cole, Tony,     
      The structure of investment arbitration / Tony Cole. main:Available   Lang Matl 2013
341.57-DO AL : Doneff, Andrea,     
      Alternatives to litigation : mediation, arbitration, and the art of dispute resolution / Andrea Doneff, Abraham P. Ordover. main:DUE 07-26-23   Lang Matl 2014
341.57-DU RI : Bashayer Hamoud Al-Dufery     
      The right of the executive power to review non-profit organizations main:Available   --- 2018
341.57-EI BI : Dalal Al Eissa     
      Binding power of the amiable compositeur (ad hoc arbitrator) (ex aequs et bono) main:Available   --- 2019
341.57-FA CO : Fajer Hussain Naser Redha Ahmad     
      Commercial dispute settlement under the world trade organization and reality of developing countries main:Available   --- 2016
341.57-GH EM : Ali Al-Ghanim     
      Emergency arbitration : a study in comparative law of international institutions main:Available   --- 2019
341.57-GO TH : Goeler, Jonas von,     
      Third-party funding in international arbitration and its impact on procedure / Jonas Von Goeler. main:Available   Lang Matl 2016
      international law main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
341.57-LO RI : Logchem, Youri van,     
      The rights and obligations of states in disputed maritime areas / Youri van Logchem, Swansea University. main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
341.57-MC IN : McLachlan, Campbell.     
      International investment arbitration : substantive principles / Campbell McLachlan, Laurence Shore, Matthew Weiniger. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
341.57-MU DE : Rahima Ansar Musaliar     
      Developing countries and the principle of "common heritage of Mankid" based on the united nations law of the sea convention 1982 main:Available   --- 2015
341.57-MU TE : Amani Mutlaq Muneef     
      Termination of the arbitration proceedings without issuance of an award on the merits main:Available   --- 2019
341.57-QC CO : Lew, Julian D. M.     
      Comparative international commercial arbitration / by Julian D.M. Lew, Loukas A. Mistelis, Stefan M. Kröll. main:Available   Lang Matl 2003
341.57-SA CO : Saleh, Samir.     
      Commercial arbitration in the Arab Middle East : a study in Sharīʻa and statute law / Samir Saleh. main:Available   Lang Matl 1984
341.57-SC AD : Thomas J.Schoenbaum     
      Admirality and maritime law main:Available   --- 1987
341.57-SC IN      
      International arbitration and the COVID-19 revolution / edited by Maxi Scherer, Niuscha Bassiri, Mahamed S. Abdel Wahab. main:Available   Lang Matl 2020
341.57-SH RE : Salah Al-Shammari     
      Reasoning of foreign arbitrators arbitral awards , a comparative study main:Available   --- 2020
341.57-SO NE      
      New technologies, artificial intelligence and shipping law in the 21st century / Edited by Baris Soyer and Andrew Tettenborn. main:Available   Lang Matl 2019
341.57-WA AR : Ware, Stephen J.,     
      Principles of arbitration law / Stephen J. Ware, Professor of Law, University of Kansas; Ariana R. Levinson, Professor of Law, Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville. main:Available   Lang Matl 2017
341.57-YA TH : Yasmeen Yaseen Qambar     
      The obligation of seaworthiness under the kuwaiti maritime law in relation to international convention that govern the bill of lading main:Available   --- 2017
341.57-YO AR : Sayed Yousef     
      Arbitration in Bahrain in accordance with unicetral rules, on international commercial arbitration a comparative study main:Available   --- 2019
341.57 اب اح : الدغمة، إبراهيم محمد     
      أحكام القانون الدولي لقاع البحار والمحيطات وباطن أرضها خارج حدود الولاية الوطنية / إبراهيم محمد الدغمة. main:Available   Lang Matl 1987
341.57 اب تس : ابراهيم اسماعيل ابراهيم الربيعي     
      التسليم في البيوع البحرية البيع سيف C.I.F والبيع فوب F . O . B main:Available   Lang Matl 2021
341.57 اب جو : عطية، أبو الخير أحمد     
      الجوانب القانونية لمكافحة القرصنة البحرية / أبو الخير أحمد عطية. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
341.57 اب دو : محمد، إبراهيم عبد الله عبد الرؤوف     
      دور قطاع النقل الجوي في التنمية الاقتصادية : دراسة تحليلية / تأليف إبراهيم عبد الله عبد الرؤوف محمد. main:Available   Lang Matl 2017
341.57 اب قا : الدغمة، إبراهيم محمد     
      القانون الدولي الجديد للبحار / إبراهيم محمد الدغمة. main:Available   Lang Matl 1998
341.57 اب مس : أبو الليل، إبراهيم الدسوقي     
      مسئولية ناقل الأشخاص في القانون الداخلي والقانون الدولي : دراسة للالتزام بالسلامة... / إبراهيم الدسوقي أبو الليل. main:Available   Lang Matl 1980
341.57 ات قو : منشورات زين الحقوقية (بيروت)     
      قواعد هامبورغ باللغات الثلاث عربي-فرنسي-إنكليزي / منشورات زين الحقوقية. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
341.57 اح تح : سلام، أحمد رشاد محمود     
      التحكيم في منازعات القانون الجوي / أحمد رشاد سلام. main:Available   Lang Matl 2015
341.57 اح صر : أحمد عبدالغفار محمد     
      الصراع وحرب المياه في العالم العربي main:Available   Lang Matl 2018
341.57 اح قا : محمد، أحمد أبو الوفا     
      القانون الدولي للبحار على ضوء احكام المحاكم الدولية والوطنية وسلوك الدول واتفاقية 1982/ أحمد أبو الوفا محمد. main:Available   Lang Matl 2006
341.57 اح نح : احمد سالم الوحيشي     
      نحو نهج عربي للامن البحري main:Available   Lang Matl 2014
341.57 اس قر : اسراء حسين عزيز حجازي     
      القرصنة البحرية في منطقة القرن الافريقي جريمة دولية وهموم عربية main:Available   Lang Matl 2022
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