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Mark   Media Year
345.1-BR LA    
      Land law : themes and perspectives / edited by Susan Bright and John Dewar. main:Available   Lang Matl 1998
      Landlord and tenant law in context / Susan Bright. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
345.1-BU BU : Butterworths editorial staff     
      Butterworths landlord and tenant handbook main:Available   --- 1989
345.1-BU LA    
      Land law cases and materials main:Available   Lang Matl 1992
      Maudsley and Burn's land law : cases and materials / by E.H. Burn. main:Available   Lang Matl 2004
      Maudsley & Burn's land law : cases & materials / E.H. Burn, J. Cartwright. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
345.1-BU MO    
      The modern law of real property / by G.C. Cheshire. main:Available   Lang Matl 1949
      Cheshire's Modern law of real property. main:Available   Lang Matl 2000
345.1-CA HO      
      The Housing Act 2004 : a practical guide / Helen Carr ... [et al.]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
345.1-CH LA    
      LAnd law main:Available   --- 2001
      Land law main:Available, main:Claims Retd   --- 2004
      Land law main:Available   --- 1995
345.1- CH RU : Michael Chisholm     
      Rural settlement and land use main:Available   --- 1970
345.1-CI PR : Clark, Alistair M.     
      Product liability / by Alistair M. Clark. main:Available   Lang Matl 1989
345.1-CL PR : Clarke, Alison     
      Property law [electronic resource] : commentary and materials / Alison Clarke and Paul Kohler. main:Available   Computer File 2005
345.1-CO GR : David Cowan, Lorna Fox o'Mahony     
      Great debates Property law main:Available   --- 2012
345.1-CO HO : David Cowan     
      The housing Act 1996 a practical guide main:Available   --- 1996
345.1- CO LA : Elizabeth cooke     
      Land law main:Available   --- 2006
345.1-CO NE : Cooke, Elizabeth,     
      The new law of land registration / Elizabeth Cooke. main:Available   Lang Matl 2003
345.1-CO PR : Elizabeth Cooke     
      Modern studies in property law main:Available   --- 2003
345.1-CR PR : Greve, John.     
      Private landlords in England. main:Available   Lang Matl 1965
345.1- CU EN : Cullingworth, J. B.     
      English housing trends : a report on the Rowntree Trust housing study. main:Available   Lang Matl 1965
345.1-CU LA : Joe cursley, Mark Davys     
      Land law main:Available, main:Claims Retd   --- 2011
345.1-DA LA    
      land law main:Available   --- 1996
      Landlord and tenant law main:Available   --- 1999
345.1- DA LI : Richard Davis and Yvonne Dhooge     
      Living with mortgage arrears main:Available   --- 1993
345.1-DE CO : Denyer-Green, Barry.     
      Compulsory purchase and compensation / Barry Denyer-Green. main:Available   Lang Matl 1985
345.1-DE OR : Denman, Donald R.     
      Origins of ownership ; a brief history of land ownership and tenure in England from earliest times to the modern era. main:Available   Lang Matl 1958
345.1- DI LA : Martin Dixon     
      Land Law main:Available   --- 1996
345.1-DI MO : Dixon, Martin     
      Modern land law / Martin Dixon. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
345.1-DI PR : Martin Dixon     
      Principles of land law main:Available   ---  
345.1-DU MO : Dunham, Allison.     
      Modern real estate transactions: cases and materials. main:Available   Lang Matl 1958
345.1-EA LA : Rendall, Matthew.     
      Land law of Cambodia : a study and research manual / prepared by East-West Management Institute, Inc. ; supported by the Asian Development Bank, Implementation of Land Legislation Project, ADB TA 3577-CAM. main:Available   Lang Matl 2003
345.1-FA HO : LM Clements and PB Fairest     
      Housing Law : text, caes and materials main:Available   --- 1996
345.1-FA MO : Paul B.Fairest     
      Mortgages main:Available   --- 1975
345.1-FA PR : Shahad Jassem Al Fahad     
      Provisions of possession establishing the ownership of real estate property under the Kuwaiti law (comparative study) main:Available   --- 2020
345.1-FI ES : Fimbo, G. M.     
      Essays in land law, Tanzania / G.M. Fimbo. main:Available   Lang Matl 1992
345.1-GA PR : Garner, Simon.     
      A practical approach to landlord and tenant / Simon Garner, Alexandra Frith. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
345.1-GE HE : Stimson, Gerry V.     
      Health rights handbook : a guide to medical care / [by] Gerry and Carol Stimson. main:Available   Lang Matl 1978
345.1-GE LT : Bright, Susan.     
      Landlord and tenant law : the nature of tenancies / by Susan Bright and Geoff Gilbert. main:Available   Lang Matl 1995
345.1- GO SO : Sh Goo     
      sourcebook on land law main:Available   --- 2002
345.1-GR EL : Gray, Kevin J.     
      Elements of land law / Kevin Gray and Susan Francis Gray. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
345.1-GR LA    
      Land law main:Available   --- 2006
      land law main:Available   --- 2004
      Land law / Kevin Gray, Susan Francis Gray. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
      Land law main:Available   --- 1993
2 additional entries    
345.1-GR RE : K J Gray and P.D. Symes     
      Real Property and real people main:Available   --- 1981
345.1-HA CO : Michael Harwood     
      Conveyancing law and practice, by M. Harwood main:Available   Lang Matl 1973
345.1-HA LA    
      Land-use planning: a casebook on the use, misuse, and reuse of urban land. main:Available   Lang Matl 1959
      Law relating to owners and occupiers of land, by A. J. Hawkins. main:Available   Lang Matl 1971
345.1- HA OA : Harwood, Michael,     
      Cases and materials on English land law / by Michael Harwood. main:Available   Lang Matl 1977
345.1-HA RE    
      Principles of international law / Stephen Hall. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
      Registered land main:Available   --- 1977
      Registered land : the new law : a guide to the Land Registration Act 2002 / Charles Harpum, Janet Bignell. main:Available   Lang Matl 2002
345.1-HI FE      
      Feminist perspectives on land law / edited by Hilary Lim and Anne Bottomley. main:Available   Lang Matl 2007
345.1-HI PU : Himsworth, Chris.     
      Public sector housing law in Scotland / by Chris Himsworth. main:Available   Lang Matl 1982
345.1-HO CO : Hoath, David C.     
      Council housing / by David C. Hoath. main:Available   Lang Matl 1982
345.1-HO ES      
      Essays in African land law / Robert Home (editor). main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
345.1-HO LO : Home, Robert.     
      Local Case Studies in African Land Law [electronic resource] / Robert Home. main:Available   Computer File 2011
345.1-HO PR : Holland, John Anthony.     
      Principles of registered land conveyancing, by J. Anthony Holland and J. R. Lewis. main:Available   Lang Matl 1967
345.1-HO PU : Hoath, David C.     
      Public housing law / by David C. Hoath. main:Available   Lang Matl 1989
345.1-HU PU : Hughes, David,     
      Public sector housing law. main:Available   Lang Matl 2000
345.1-HU TE      
      Text and materials on housing law / David Hughes ... [et al.]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
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