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Mark   Media Year
345.1-HU PU : Hughes, David,     
      Public sector housing law. main:Available   Lang Matl 2000
345.1-HU TE      
      Text and materials on housing law / David Hughes ... [et al.]. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
345.1-IN CA : Narayanan, P.     
      Intellectual property law / P. Narayanan. main:Available   Lang Matl 1997
345.1-JA IN : Denoncourt, Janice.     
      Intellectual property law / Janice Denoncourt. main:DUE 09-21-23   Lang Matl 2012
345.1-JA RE      
      The reform of property law / edited by Paul Jackson and David C. Wilde. main:Available   Lang Matl 1997
345.1-JU PR : Mackenzie, Judith-Anne.     
      A practical approach to land law / Judith-Anne Mackenzie, Mary Phillips. main:Available   Lang Matl 1986
345.1-JU TE : MacKenzie, Judith-Anne.     
      Textbook on land law / Judith-Anne MacKenzie, Mary Phillips. main:Available   Lang Matl 2002
345.1-KE PR    
      A practical guide to the Insurance Act 2015 / David Kendall, M.A., L.L.B. (Hons.), solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales; Visiting Profesor, Queen Mary University of London. Partner, Cooley (UK) LLp, London; and Harry Wright, M.A., of Gray's Inn, Barrister, 7 King's Bench Walk. main:Available   Lang Matl 2018
      Property law main:Available   --- 1994
345.1-LA IN    
      Introduction to the law of property. main:Available   Lang Matl 1958
      An introduction to the principles of land law. main:Available   Lang Matl 1963
345.1-LA LA : Lawson, F. H.     
      The law of property / by F.H. Lawson and Bernard Rudden. main:Available   Lang Matl 1982
345.1- LE CO : George Lefcoe and Lowdon Wingo     
      A conference on land policy and housing development main:Available   --- 1981
345.1-LI CA : Hilary Lim and Kate Green     
      cases and materials in Land law main:Available   --- 1992
345.1-LU CO      
      Core statutes on property law. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
345.1-MA CI : Hamnett, Chris.     
      Cities, housing and profits : flat break-up and the decline of private renting / Chris Hamnett, Bill Randolph. main:Available   Lang Matl 1988
345.1-MA ID      
      The idea of home in law : displacement and dispossession / Lorna Fox O'Mahony, James A. Sweeney. main:Available   Lang Matl 2011
345.1-MA IN : Mariam Mohammed Al-Masoud     
      The infringements of copyright and its penalties under kuwaiti copyright law: comparison with GCC Copyright laws main:Available   --- 2020
345.1-MC IN : McJohn, Stephen M.,     
      Intellectual property : examples and explanations / Stephen M. McJohn, Professor of Law, Suffolk University. main:DUE 09-21-23   Lang Matl 2019
345.1-MC LA    
      Land, law and planning : cases, materials and text / Patrick McAuslan. main:Available   Lang Matl 1975
      Land law : text, cases, and materials / Ben McFarlane, Nick Hopkins, and Sarah Nield. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
345.1-MC PR    
      Property rights and neoliberalism : cultural demands and legal actions / edited by Wayne V. McIntosh, Laura J. Hatcher. main:Available   Lang Matl 2010
      Property, wealth, land : allocation, planning and development; selected cases and other materials on the law of real property, an introduction / by Myres Smith McDougal [and] David Haber. main:Available   Lang Matl 1948
345.1-MC ST : McFarlane, Ben.     
      The structure of property law / Ben McFarlane. main:Available   Lang Matl 2008
345.1-ME LA : Megarry, Robert,     
      The law of real property / by Sir Robert Megarry and H. W. R. Wade. main:Available   Lang Matl 1975
345.1-MO CO      
      Core statutes on property law. main:Available   Lang Matl 2005
345.1-MO TE : Jill Morgan     
      Textbook on housing law main:Available   --- 1998
345.1-MU LE : Anwer Khaled Rashed Al Mulaifi     
      The legislative basis for compulsory vaccination and what is the role of the state in protection of the rights main:Available   --- 2023
345.1-MU TH : Munzer, Stephen R.     
      A theory of property / Stephen R. Munzer. main:Available   Lang Matl 1990
345.1-MU UN : W.T.Murphy and Simon Roberts     
      Understanding property law main:Available   --- 1989
345.1-NA PR : Ebtihal Sameer Al-Nasser     
      The procedural protection of the family according to the new family law and the gaps in the legal and practical manner main:Available   --- 2019
345.1-NE HO : Nevitt, Adela Adam.     
      Housing, taxation and subsidies : a study of housing in the United Kingdom. main:Available   Lang Matl 1966
345.1-OL NI : Oluyede, Peter.     
      Nigerian law of conveyancing / by P. A. Oluyede. main:Available   Lang Matl 1978
345.1-OM LA    
      Cases on the Land Use Act / J.A. Omotola. main:Available   Lang Matl 1983
      The land use act : report of a national workshop held at the University of Lagos, May 25-May 28, 1981 / edited by J.A. Omotola. main:Available   Lang Matl 1982
345.1-PA CA : M. Pawlowski and J.Brown     
      A casebook on landlord and tenant law main:Available   --- 1995
345.1-PA HO : Martin Partington and Jonathan Hill     
      Housing law : cases, materials and commentary main:Available   --- 1991
345.1-PA LA    
      A casebook on landlord and tenant law main:Available   --- 1995
      LAndlord and tenant main:Available   Lang Matl 1980
345.1-PE LA      
      The law of trusts. main:Available   Lang Matl 1998
345.1-PI MO : Martin Dixon     
      Modern studies in property law main:Available   --- 2009
345.1-RA RE : Ahmed Chawki Mohamed Abdel Rahman     
      La responsabilite presumee du surveillant du fait des personnes surveillees. main:Available   --- 1968
345.1-RI LA : J.G. Ridall     
      Land Law main:Available   --- 1993
345.1-RO HO : christopher P.Rodgers     
      Housing the new law main:Available   --- 1989
345.1-RO PR    
      Property law / Roger J. Smith. main:Available   Lang Matl 2014
      Property law and human rights / Deborah Rook. main:Available   Lang Matl 2001
345.1-RT LA : Anderson, J. Stuart.     
      Lawyers and the making of English land law, 1832-1940 / J. Stuart Anderson. main:Available   Lang Matl 1992
345.1-SA CO : Priscilla Sarton     
      Conveyancing main:Available   ---  
345.1-SA LA : Sayles, Victoria.     
      Land law / Victoria Sayles. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
345.1-SE CO : Fetherstonhaugh, Guy.     
      Commonhold / Guy Fetherstonhaugh, Mark Sefton, Edward Peters. main:Available   Lang Matl 2004
345.1-SE LE : Roger Sexton     
      Land law main:Available   --- 1997
345.1-SE PR : Alma Rocio Segoviano-Basurto     
      The protection of indigenious peoples' rights and the conservation of natural resources: is there a place for a new philosophy of property rights? main:Available   --- 2012
345.1-SH RO : Rosenberg, Stephen     
      Room for improvement. main:Available   Lang Matl 1968
345.1-SM IN : Roger J.Smith     
      introduction to land law main:Available   --- 2007
345.1-SM LA : Smith, Peter     
      Evans and Smith, the law of landlord and tenant. main:Available, main:Claims Retd   Lang Matl 1989
345.1-SM PR    
      Property law / Roger J. Smith. main:Available, main:Claims Retd   Lang Matl 2009
      Property law / Roger J. Smith. main:Available   Lang Matl 2009
      Property law : cases and materials / Roger J. Smith. main:Available   Lang Matl 2012
345.1-SP NE : peter sparkes     
      a new land law main:Available   --- 2003
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