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The accountability of armed groups under human rights law / Katharine Fortin. / : Fortin, Katharine,  2017 1
Legal position of the broker in the securities market a comparative study : Fatima Abdulaziz Al misbah  2020 1
Legal practice companion : Gerald Montagu , Mark Weston  1998 1
Legal practice course civil litigation   1993 1
Legal practice course guides.   2
Legal Practive Handbook Advocacy : avrom Sherr  1993 1
Legal principles of international trade : international sale contract-international maritime-technology trade contracts-electronic trade contracts-international commercial arbitration : العمر، عدنان  2017 1
Legal prospective of issuing the electronic bill of lading under Kuwaiti law: a comparative study between the Hague Rules and Rotterdam Rules : Abdulrahman Alruwaished  2020 1
The legal protection for the rights of investors in the investment funds under the kuwaiti law : Maali Ali Al JAber  2017 1
Legal protection of geographical indications in the sultanate of Oman : الرقادي، هلال بن عبد الله بن عزيز  2020 1
The Legal Protection of International Environmental Law in Armed Conflicts : Aliaa Mahmoud Alhashemi  2023 1
The legal protection of refugee children in international law : Fatemah Hamed Alfuzaia  2020 1
The legal protection of refugee Women From Aspiration to challenges: a case of the legal protection afforded to syrian refugee women in the Arab region : Aisha Fouzi Mohammad Al-Qassar  2018 1
Legal provisions regulating the relationship of the holding company with the subsidiaries : ِAbdullah waleed Al Safran  2023 1
The legal regime for consumer protection in electronic transactions : Abrar S.Almutairi  2015 1
The legal regime of administrative sanctions in the kuwaiti legislation : Amira Fares Fahad Al-Hajri  2022 1
The legal regulation of company restructing : Yousef Waleed Al-ghais  2023 1
Legal regulation of conflict of interests in commercial companies - A comparative study : Abdullah Abdulmohsen Dakhil Alhebshi  2017 1
Legal regulation of crowdfunding operation in small and medium enterprises : Fahad mohammed fahad Alajmi  2023 1
Legal regulation of crypto-currency : Ali Abdulrahman yousef Alhatem  2021 1
Legal regulation of real estate financing : Reem Waleed Al-Tamimi  2021 1
Legal Regulation of the domestic worker's relationship with the employer " a comparative study" : Abdulaziz Shallal Al-Shallal  2017 1
The legal relationship between NATO and the GCC with a particular focus on Kuwait : Aalia Abdulmohsen Aladwani  2019 1
legal research : Carol O'neill  2021 1
Legal research : a self-teaching guide to the law library : a series of library tours and exercises : Hodes, W. William.  1983 1
Legal research and writing. : Murray, Michael D.,  2006 1
Legal research methods : Ernest Hirsch Ballin  2020 1
Legal skills : Finch, Emily,  2021 1
Legal solution and practical problems faces by family business when their ownership is transferred by inheritance : Awdah Hamad Al-Enzi  2018 1
Legal Status of conciliator : Maali Awadh Al Mutairi  2020 1
Legal Status of the cooperative ociety in light of recent developments : Fatima Al Azmi  2017 1
The legal status of the representative of the legal entity in the Board of directors of public shareholding : Dhuha Abd-Alaziz Muhalhel Alyaseen  2018 1
The legal status of the speaker of the national Assembly : Maryam Jassim Mohamed Al-Obaid  2023 1
The legal structure : Freeman, Michael D. A.  1974 1
legal studies in english in depth studies of key issues : Zaid M.Al-Aqaileh  2013 1
The legal system for financing and operating companies implementing public-private Partnership contracts in Kuwait ( A comparative study) : Fatima Nasser Bokoubar  2018 1
The legal system of end of service gratuity : Ayesha Youssef  2018 1
The legal system of extradition in light of the treaty concluded between the state of Kuwait and the Unted Kingdom : Hessa Al Nuwaeif  2019 1
The Legal System of General Administrative Penalties in Kuwait( A comparative study) : Sabah Hamad AL-Sabah  2022 1
The legal system of media licenses in Kuwait, a comparative study : Ahad Adel Ali  2019 1
The Legal system of private State Property Managment (a comparative study) : Maha nouri Al-Duolimi  2022 1
The legal system of the People's Republic of China in a nutshell : Chow, Daniel C. K.  2009 1
Legal theory : Friedmann, Wolfgang,  1967 1
Legal theory today : Nobles, Richard.  2006 1
Legal traditions of the world : sustainable diversity in law : Glenn, H. Patrick.  2014 1
Legal violence and the Chicano movement / / Ian F. Haney López --  2011 1
legal vocabulary in use : Johnny Chuong  2017 1
Legal writing and drafting : Paul Rylance  1994 1
Legal writing in a Nutshell : Lynn B. Squires  1982 1
Legal writing in plain English : a text with exercises : Garner, Bryan A.,  2013 1
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